Robotics for Schools is a European Union Erasmus+ project which helps bridge the gap between learners, teachers and curriculum planners in Robotics education.

Robotics is moving from a specialised area of engineering to a situation where it is fully integrated into society. Many European school curricula are starting to reflect this change and subjects such as Computer Science and Programming/Coding are beginning to reappear, creating increasing demands upon teachers at all levels.

Robotics for Schools compares good practice, implementation and planning for Robotics in schools, and develops teaching material for all age ranges of school education. The project brings together partners with expertise in education and the application of Robotics from across northern Europe.



  • Training courses

    A training course will be piloted in each partner country. The course will focus on how robotics in schools can be implemented in education from Primary to Upper secondary level.
  • E-learning modules

    An e-learning course on Robotics in Teaching and Training will incorporate the project’s resources, giving the skills and competence needed to produce and use robotics in schools.
  • Lesson plans

    A series of lesson plans to provide teachers with examples and ideas on how to integrate Robotics into their classroom activities. These lesson plans will be downloadable will be available in different languages.
  • Policy documents

    Publications on the requirements at local/regional school authorities and teacher training institutions for using robotics in education. Plus research on turning good practices into successful pedagogies and using robotics as part of a blended learning approach for training.
  • Outreach seminars

    National seminars and other events will be held in each partner country run by experts trained in the Robotics for Schools material.
  • Curriculum Development

    This e-publication will contain an awareness of different types of methodologies including practical guidance on creating a range of activities and methods and ideas for implementing Robotics in Schools in a teaching or training situation.
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Project Partners

  • NPO Robootika

    NPO Robootika is responsible for educational robotics in Estonia. Our goal is to introduce kids to technology, offer them the opportunity to create, design, test and play with it starting in kindergarten. We don’t see technology as an object. It is rather a tool to inspire kids and develop problem solving, programming and inquiry skills.
  • University of Turku

    The University of Turku, Finland´s second largest university, is an internationally competitive research-led university whose operation is based on high-level multidisciplinary research. Learning and education research is one of the recognised areas of strength in research.
  • ITT Group

    ITT Group is a innovation and technology driven SME focused on the educational robotics, mechatronics system design and trainings.

    Gryd applies innovative technologies to the fields of education and culture; provides technology research and develops advanced elearning. We also deliver training for educators across Europe, advancing skills in elearning and multimedia. These skills are then shared with colleagues and the wider education community, raising knowledge and skills across Europe.
  • Elderberry Ab

    Elderberry Ab undertakes curriculum development and strategic studies, authoring, testing, editing and publishing within school, youth, adult, teacher and VET education, often with socio-cultural and urban implications. The company is experienced with traditional methods for educational material as with eLearning and eCulture.
  • Engelbrektsskolan

    Engelbrektsskolan is a popular primary and 2nd school located in the city centre of Stockholm. The School is located close to museums, culture and nature. Very close to the school is a national park and Östermalm arena with excellent opportunities for a visit in the nature and outdoor recreation. In grades 4-9 the pupils can choose between different ”profiles”. Among them is Maths and Science. This profile organize programing with robots(BeeBot, LEGO, Scratch)
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